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2020 Convention Cancelled


It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 HOACGA Convention.   We have been discussing COVID-19 and its impact on our convention for several days now and were not yet completely decided.  However, the mayor of Kansas City is banning gatherings of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks.  This means we cannot meet.  Our target audience is also in the age group that is most at risk and we do not want to sacrifice anyone’s health.   Our hotel has released us from the 2020 contract with no cost to the club.

We will miss the glass, the presentations, the room displays, but most of all we will miss seeing our friends.  It is a great disappointment for us but believe it is the right decision.

I want to thank everyone who was planning on attending and apologize for any inconvenience.   We now focus on 2021 and plans are already well underway.  We hope that much of our convention activities for 2020 will simply move to next year’s event.

The Saturday morning live auction of the Travis Reyan collection will be postponed until the 2021 HOACGA convention.

YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR OWN HOTEL RESERVATION.   We will begin to process refunds of convention registration costs that you may have paid.   Dues will not be refunded as they cover the costs of our newsletters which will continue to be produced.   Kathi Johnson will be sending out dues reminders.

If have any questions, my number is 860-257-1816.                


Gary Sullivan

President HOACGA