Heart of America Carnival Glass Association

Educational Carnival Glass Websites


Dave Doty Carnival Glass Website 

Great site to assist you in identifying carnival glass patterns and auction prices.  Allows lookup of patterns by pattern name, shape, motif and maker.

Carnival Glass 101 

This is a very educational and entertaining website.  There are a plethora of articles to browse thru, and an alphabetical pattern lookup to assist you in finding the information.  

Hooked on Carnival 

The best website anywhere to learn about carnival glass. This site offers something for every level of carnival glass collecting.  It has a “Pricing Data Base” that has the most up to date carnival glass auction prices available anyway.  There are videos of past auctions, a library of great resource information, and also educational seminars videos from follow collectors.  

Thistlewoods’ Website

Website with carnival glass identification and information.

Jerry and Carol Curtis Miniature Site

Flicker site with 1000+ pictures (identified) of carnival glass miniatures and novelties.  If you like little things, this is the place to start!

Carnival Glass Showcase

Where collectors gather to strut their stuff and tell their stories.