Heart of America Carnival Glass Association

The Benefits of being a member of a Carnival Glass organization are many!

On a personal level, it gives one a greater exposure to others who share your hobby and allows much greater opportunity for “first hand observation” of a wide variety of carnival glass, collectors and collections. You are afforded knowledge by way of printed matter and educational seminars by knowledgeable collectors that are not readily accessed outside the club experience.  You will receive, either through hard copy or email, several publications each year.

By attending conventions, you will be able to view and, in many cases purchase glass from individuals that you would not be able to see or fine in other venues.  Like any pursuit in life, your acquisition of understanding and knowledge will deepen and broadened by your associations with other collectors, and that will benefit your collection!

By becoming a member, you will also help promote the hobby that you have chosen and, in doing so add to the pleasure and enjoyment of other collectors.

Inevitably, all collections will at some point be sold. The promotion of the hobby also helps insure that the sale of your collection will be well attended by collectors who appreciate the glass as much as you. Ask any seasoned collector and rest assured they will endorse without reservation, all of the many potential benefits of being a club member,

And finally, the greatest thing about being a member of this group of collectors is that you will meet and make friends with some of the most wonderful people you are ever likely to meet. When you balance what you gain by joining versus what you would miss by not joining, it’s not even close.

So now is the time to become a member and start making carnival glass friends and learning more about your chosen hobby, CARNIVAL GLASS.